Inside the members section of The Beginners Sewing Course Learn to sew for only ¢56 a day T Course Sewing © Welcome to The SewingCourse! Michael Coates will teach you how to sew threading an overlocker How to thread up a sewing machine A Better Way To Learn To Sew Correctly The Sewing Course is a fantastic learning tool for the beginner. The site is completely video  based as to make the learning experience easy and enjoyable.  The Sewing Course is part of The Sewing guru, the complete all in one sewing site. T Course Sewing © Part 1 -  Tools of the trade  Exercises 1-5  you will learn basic sewing equipment, the sewing machine and how to use it including advice  on which machine to choose. The Bernina sewing machine Learn how to press using a sleeve board The finished apron in exercise 17 of the sewing course One of the projects, the cushion in the sewing course Start sewing today for only ¢56 a day Don’t Miss Out Sign Up Today T Course Sewing ©
The Ultimate Online Sewing Course
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